Lawsuit Shakes New York Wedding Industry

The Huffington Post had a story the other day that really shocked us to hear. A judge is allowing a man to sue his wedding photographer for nearly $50k. He was unhappy that the company had not taken photos of the last dance and bouquet toss which took place in the last 15 minutes of the wedding, Oddly enough, the wedding was 9 yrs ago and the couple has already divorced.

So far  H&H Photography have spent $50,000 in legal fees and the case isn’t even settled yet.

Now we at the DFW-PVA have a code of ethics we live and do business by. And in that code we believe in providing quality service to the client. H&H should never had left the event early. If the client has paid you to shoot the whole event, you shoot the whole event. The odd and debate in this story is what is the statue of limitations on a lawsuit like this. Clearly the photographer/videographer is in the wrong but at what point does that go away due to just being old new? Discuss it in the comment section.

Click on the “Vist Site” button to read the full story at the Huffington Post.

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